Figuring Out the Beer Drawer


Image courtesy of Greencolander. Licensed under CC BY 2.0.

When I first moved into my apartment, I thought that the fridge–three quarters the size of a normal fridge–has the worst vegetable crisper ever. The presumed crisper drawer was weird and narrow, and was really only suitable for eating a lot of cucumbers and carrots. If it had turned out that I really liked cabbage, I would not have known what to do.

I thought this about that draw for several months. It hadn’t occurred to me that the drawer could be anything else.

Then, a few weeks ago, I bought some beer. I ran into the main frustration that my 3/4 size fridge presents: namely, none of the shelves are really actually tall enough to hold a standard beer bottle. Given that I needed to store 12 of them, this was an issue.

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An Uneventful Week

Despite the gloom-and-doom* of last week’s post, this week has been remarkably uneventful. Not good, not bad, just… there.

There were good things that happened: I weathered my first corporate function (a birthday party) without shaming myself too badly. I’m baking brownies in a cast iron skillet. I watched the last three episodes with the Tenth Doctor on Doctor Who and cried disgusting snot tears. I considered re-reading Ender’s Game, but decided not to on the grounds that I had already cried too much for one weekend, in the good, cathartic, prompted-by-TV kind of way.

(Seriously, though, readers: is there anything that could have predicted my anthropology degree quite so well as my absolute, shuddering sobs when I got to the “the aliens are only trying to save their babies, and the humans didn’t understand” twist at the end of that book? No. No there is not.)

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Parties and Nail Polish and Drinks, Oh My

It’s nearing finals week, which of course means that I spent most of the weekend the hell away from campus. Currently, campus smells of dispair and freshmen who are freaked out since they didn’t do any of the course readings. Given that the only final exam that I have is during the very last slot, a week away, this is not anything that I need. So instead I experimented with having friends and hobbies and a social life again, which was exciting.

Friday morning involved some unusual (for me) on campus time. One of my final research projects for the semester involves measuring tiny pieces of rock to learn about cognitive evolution, so I spent most of the morning in an on-campus computer lab, using very expensive software to make very accurate calculations of just how statistically insignificant my sad little undergraduate rock measures are. These are things that I am fairly certain are significant, so I got to have the always-fun experience of writing a paper conclusion that basically boiled down to, “next time, maybe don’t have undergraduates do this.” The glamour of science!

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Summer Photos and Haikus

This weekend, I went with a friend to see Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter. It was all the insane revisionist action film a girl could dream of. Y’all, there was literally horse parkour.

Parkour. On stampeding horses. Between Abraham Lincoln and a slave-owning vampire with a missing eye.

After that non-stop thrill ride, I spent most of the weekend at home, with the exception of drinking lots of $2 Full Sails at a (fun, Trivial Pursuit-filled) birthday party last night. For my Atlanta readers, East Atlanta is where it’s at if you want Athens prices without, y’know, UGA.

So I have very little to report from the weekend! Instead, I present to you photos from my summer, accompanied by haikus.

The old waterworks

Are now maintained by DeKalb

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Volunteer Jobs and Beer


I have finally started my internship. (Or, as my mother calls it, my “volunteer job.”) I’m doing work with the part of my school that handles sexual assault prevention, which basically is the same thing as I do during the school year* but now I have to wear a plastic name placard and follow a dress code. (For those interested, we are not allowed to wear skorts. I weep.)

Skortless though I am, my indentured servitude is going well so far. I felt super incompetent for the first big group meeting (everyone else had project statuses to report on, while I had vague feelings about social justice and also possibly needed a nap), but then I realized that I started work three weeks later than everyone else and those feelings went more-or-less away. I can haz emotional context!

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Mongols and Public Services (It’s Good to Be Home)

I will miss these guys, though. (Just kidding. They’re terrifying.)

I had big plans for my first week back in the US. I was going to eat Mexican (and Indian and Ethiopian) food. I was going to drink a mint julep in a porch in some alternative universe where I wear jean shorts and like NASCAR.

What have I done since coming back? A lot of tedious things, it turns out. Today, for example, I submitted an apartment lease application (woo hoo!). I also cleaned my bathroom drain using a drain volcano and, when I was feeling fiesty, called my bank about giving me back my freaking debit card (and opened a bank account with a new, less-terrible bank).

It’s been a pretty exciting eight days, I tell you.

However, there’s been stuff that I’ve done that has been unexpectedly fun. Atlanta in the summer is a good place to be. Why is that?

Art festivals: The day after I got back, I headed out to the Decatur Arts Festival. This festival is not normally a highlight of my own personal summer festival calendar, but it was unexpectedly wonderful to wander over there and be greeted by life constants: the “veggie” corn dogs, my familiar artisanal popsicle cart*. Plus, as I was wandering through the boutiques on the backend of my local square, I happened upon one that was having a PBR-themed art exhibit. Upshot of that? They were offering free PBRs and oatmeal cream pies. Y’all, nothing says “welcome back to the south” like the diabeticly sweet embrace of free hipster beer and Little Debbie. Corn syrup and lard, I have missed you.

Big screen movies: Yesterday, I finally got it together with a friend from high school and headed to the theater to see the Avengers flick. Because it was Joss Whedon, there was beloved secondary character death and hilarious throw-away dialogue. Because it was a super hero film, there was also the Hulk grabbing villan-Loki by the throat mid-monologue and slamming him into the ground repeatedly whilst Iron Man played fireworks music in the background. USA! USA!

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Flag PM

Today was my first full day in Dakar. (I got in yesterday, but after two days of more-or-less nonstop plane travel punctuated by actually falling asleep without conscious input, I think that yesterday does not count.)

The day was filled with the sort of awkward smalltalk that punctuates any first-time gathering of college kids. It was like the first few weeks of college, except that everyone talked about wanting to go into development. I don’t, and have neglected to mention that I am in fact an anthropology major. Some of the folks seem to hold us in disfavor.

My new commute to school (at least for the moment) involves jaywalking across a large highway. It is every bit as fun as you can imagine. (ie, not really at all. It is mostly terrifying.) Continue reading