About Me

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My name is Emily Chapman. I’m a graduate of Emory University, where I studied Anthropology. I’m an alumna of Sigma Delta Tau sorority and a sexual assault peer advocate. While at Emory, I organized RespectCon, Emory’s first conference on sexual assault prevention. I also interviewed Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, and lived in Dakar, Senegal for four months.

I’m a thrift store enthusiast and enjoy fine leather shoes. My main hobbies include drinking good beer on well-maintained porches and watching British television. Long walks on the beach distress me. I have very strong feelings about 1970s young adult fiction.

Currently, I provide tech support for a local company where nerf warfare is common and the soda is free. In my free time, I can be found reading Bullish, learning to make things with fire, and playing the banjo (badly).