Delightful Terrible Decisions


Image courtesy of Robotclaw666. Licensed under CC BY 2.0.

On weeknights, I’m normally in bed by 11pm. This past Wednesday, at 11pm I was in Athens, GA, watching Tinariwen play at the Georgia Theatre. It was an unusually exciting Wednesday.

Athens, mind you, is an hour and a half away (at best) from where I live. This was an objectively idiotic activity choice for a Wednesday evening, particularly given that I had to be back at work at 9 the next morning (and my long-suffering parent had to be at his early-morning fitness boot camp at 5:30). The band wasn’t even scheduled to be on stage until 10:15. But two factors swayed me: 1) the tickets were free due to my excellently swank job, and 2) Tinariwen is made up of Malian Tuareg rebels, and so I figured the likelihood of their coming back through Georgia might be small.

(Long-suffering parent introduced me to Tinariwen, so he wasn’t just there for moral support. Plus he also thought Athens was 45 minutes away, so, whoops.)

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Summer Photos and Haikus

This weekend, I went with a friend to see Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter. It was all the insane revisionist action film a girl could dream of. Y’all, there was literally horse parkour.

Parkour. On stampeding horses. Between Abraham Lincoln and a slave-owning vampire with a missing eye.

After that non-stop thrill ride, I spent most of the weekend at home, with the exception of drinking lots of $2 Full Sails at a (fun, Trivial Pursuit-filled) birthday party last night. For my Atlanta readers, East Atlanta is where it’s at if you want Athens prices without, y’know, UGA.

So I have very little to report from the weekend! Instead, I present to you photos from my summer, accompanied by haikus.

The old waterworks

Are now maintained by DeKalb

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