Cats, Vampires, and Occupation

So it turns out that my readership is apparently attuned to my moods. Within a few hours of posting Movement Boredom, I had

  • Encouragement from my grandmother to go hem some curtains.
  • An offer from my mother to amuse myself at the house.
  • A friend offering to bring over board games. Which, impressive. (One was French Revolution themed! The other involved the Italian perception of the Wild West and was correspondingly insane!

So I can safely say that I have lovely friends and family and should never, ever complain about being bored on the internet again.

And I’m not! Because now my apartment has a) my roommate, who I walked in on listening to Chameleon Circuit the first night she was in the apartment, and b) my roommate’s cat, who is basically an (adorably needy) mop-shaped animal. I want her to be best friends with me. So far, she insists on hiding under the couch while I read, but I foresee the growth of a beautiful friendship.

Even if it wasn’t for my roommate and her adorable cat, I would be pretty busy this week. I’m facilitating/helping facilitate trainings for several on-campus groups this week. This means that I get to make handouts and then explain the handouts to people, which is its own kind of fun. I’m particularly excited to speak to the RAs at my old college about the work that I do now, but my sister (currently on campus for training of her own) is horrified and my presence. I will wear a mustache to disguise myself and not embarrass her.

Pre-presentation, I’ve beat back the boredom by reading the delightful Team Human, which is in part a look at what Twilight would have been like if Bella had had a more sensible friend (and if Bella had not been–to put it delicately–a whiny moron). It’s a wonderful look at teenage friendship and vampire tropes. Plus, its protagonist is Asian-American and on the cover (rare in YA!) and the book has one of the most hilariously low-impact coming-out scenes ever. If you like any of the above-mentioned things, you should go check it out.

Now that I’ve dropped my biweekly update and book recommendation, I’m off to do more laundry. Beating back your own filth? Surprisingly effective boredom-killer.

2 thoughts on “Cats, Vampires, and Occupation

  1. Chameleon Circuit? Do I know your roommate? (I feel like I should know the answer to that, but oh well. Chameleon Circuit is awesome, and by extension, your roommate too.)

    • It’s possible, but I’m not sure. She’s in Allison’s fellowship. Also, dude, if you see this today: Charlie McDonnel’s girlfriend lives in Atlanta and is having a meetup today at Piedmont Park by the gates. Go, if you can!

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