Movement Boredom

The great movening of 2012 is finally finished. (Huzzah!) With the exception of internet access in the apartment, my humble new abode officially has all a girl could dream of, apartment-wise. So that’s very exciting. Blood pressure is back down to normal levels, and I plan to spend the rest of my next internetlss week alternately lounging in the apartment, drinking beer on my porch (I have a porch!), and frantically walking to the nearby library when the internet DTs hit. Ah, vacation.

Now that I’m not worried about the move, however, I am forced to acknowledge that I actually do not have that many hobbies. Yesterday morning, finding myself without plans, I spent most of the morning taking naps just to eat up time.

Basically, I need access to Netflix, stat. We don’t want a rehash of the electric skateboard boredom/sadness purchase of 2010*, do we? I think not.

So here’s what I’ve been doing to stave off the electric skateboard feelings:

  1.  Domain name purchasing. Did you know that no one owned the URL Public Health ATL (dot com) up until now? Suck it, CDC! The site now contains an entry about Title IX implementation at the university level as related to sexual assault/harassment. It’s a nonstop laff riot. Follow along for more in the same vein.
  2. Reading Infinite Jest. I have one more year before I’m officially too old for David Foster Wallace books to be fundamentally lifechanging, so I thought I’d hop on that train. A friend walked into my apartment, saw the book, and commented, “Infinite Jest really is an infinite book, isn’t it?” The novel is probably the heaviest non-bed object in my room right now.
  3. Cleaning. So those of you who know me in person probably know of my deep and abiding love for the internet’s bastion for foul-mouthed clean freaks, Unfuck Your Habitat. Every day the site’s author posts an entry telling readers to make their beds with a blingee at the bottom that says, “Excuses are boring!” There is nothing not to love. Inspired by UFYH, I’ve been deep-cleaning the apartment since I moved in. The latest triumph involved using Bar Keeper’s Friend (and its probably-tetragenic magic) to get some weird rust stains out of my kitchen sink bowl. Victory!

* True fact: a friend recently justified her feeling that I should get a dog with, “You do impulsive things! You bought an electric skateboard!”
** Please don’t.


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