Cats, Vampires, and Occupation

So it turns out that my readership is apparently attuned to my moods. Within a few hours of posting Movement Boredom, I had

  • Encouragement from my grandmother to go hem some curtains.
  • An offer from my mother to amuse myself at the house.
  • A friend offering to bring over board games. Which, impressive. (One was French Revolution themed! The other involved the Italian perception of the Wild West and was correspondingly insane!

So I can safely say that I have lovely friends and family and should never, ever complain about being bored on the internet again.

And I’m not! Because now my apartment has a) my roommate, who I walked in on listening to Chameleon Circuit the first night she was in the apartment, and b) my roommate’s cat, who is basically an (adorably needy) mop-shaped animal. I want her to be best friends with me. So far, she insists on hiding under the couch while I read, but I foresee the growth of a beautiful friendship.

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