Movement Boredom

The great movening of 2012 is finally finished. (Huzzah!) With the exception of internet access in the apartment, my humble new abode officially has all a girl could dream of, apartment-wise. So that’s very exciting. Blood pressure is back down to normal levels, and I plan to spend the rest of my next internetlss week alternately lounging in the apartment, drinking beer on my porch (I have a porch!), and frantically walking to the nearby library when the internet DTs hit. Ah, vacation.

Now that I’m not worried about the move, however, I am forced to acknowledge that I actually do not have that many hobbies. Yesterday morning, finding myself without plans, I spent most of the morning taking naps just to eat up time.

Basically, I need access to Netflix, stat. We don’t want a rehash of the electric skateboard boredom/sadness purchase of 2010*, do we? I think not.

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Dresses! Also, boredom!

I could lie and say that I’ve quit updating as regularly because I’ve been off exploring Dakar, but that would be a complete lie. Mostly, my computer got knocked off a desk and its screen imploded, so that’s been putting a cramp in my style. Rather than using the extra time to learn Wolof/figure out how to barter at all successfully, I’ve been taking naps, reading, and talking to my host dad. It turns out that Dakar is a lot like the year that I moved to Atlanta, in terms of my active social life and propensity to take risks.

As an aside, yesterday my host dad told me that I need more friends. I may need to reevaluate some life choices here.

Life is not all incredibly boring, though! Last week, I went to the HLM market, the local source for all things fabricy, with a friend. (See, host dad!) I took the wax cloth that I bought to the tailor in order to have it whipped into garmenty shape, and I picked the dress up yesterday. The whole setup cost $17 (fabric plus labor), and fits wonderfully. Plus: fabric covered buttons and pockets. I think the tailor may have replaced the guy who works at the sandwich shop behind school as my favorite person I’ve interacted with this week. Continue reading