Monkey Jesus Loves Me

MONKEY / Sriram Ramasamy / CC BY 2.0

In the last week, I have noticed that I’ve been running into a lot of monkeys in my out-of-school time. In-school, it’s less weird–my adviser literally runs a lab that studies monkey poop–but there’s usually not that much bleed-over into the real world. However, in the past week:

  • A monkey escaped from my school. The authorities are happy to report that it doesn’t have Herpes B, which can apparently kill people. So that’s exciting.
  • Monkeys stole some guy’s camera and took possibly-photoshopped pictures of themselves. My favorite part is the Boing Boing commenter discussion. I wrote that sentence before actually going to read the Boing Boing comments, because secret hint: my favorite part is always the Boing Boing comments.
  • I came across an adorable video of monkeys that appear to have handlebar mustaches. HANDLE BAR MUSTACHES.
  • I applied for a job at Mail Chimp*, which does not–contrary to what you might think of the name–actually mail chimps. Which is a relief, because chimps can and will rip your face off and/or eat babies.

I choose to think of this as the world affirming my choice to be an anthropology major. This is perhaps because my group took 2 1/2 hours to run an experiment in lab today that should have taken 1, and it is only the thought that monkey-Jesus (Hanuman?**) is smiling down on me that is keeping me going right now. SO LET’S ROLL WITH IT.

In additional news, I am in the middle of writing an ebook. This is because I have a massive ego wanted to learn some fancy-pants ebook-creating skills, so that’s been fun. Keep an eye out for when I post it as a pdf on this here blog! It is called Burn the Sweatpants, because I hate them more than just about anything. (Even to sleep in. I sleep in yoga pants now, which are totally different. I think. I don’t know, I’m bad at this kind of thing.)

So, word up monkey Jesus, peace out.

* I am aware that chimps are not monkeys. C’mon.

** Hanuman once tried to eat the sun because he thought it was a mango. And then when he got hit by a thunderbolt because of it his dad took away the atmosphere in protest. He’s the best!

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