Fun Facts About The Lion King

A lion.

[Source. Licensed under CC 2.0.]

So I went and saw The Dark Knight Rises this last week. (Spoiler alert: it’s awesome. Additional spoiler alert: gun control laws in the US need to be stronger.) Since my friends and I got there before the film began, we were treated to the pre-previews, which at this particular theater took the form of “fun movie facts.”

These fun movie facts included things like, “In Bridesmaids, the bridal party goes to a Brazillian restaurant,” and, “Tom Cruise stars in Mission Impossible IV: This Franchise is Still a Thing.

Though factual, I think most people (other than the stoned intern who wrote these) would hesitate to call them “fun.” So, when a friend of mine texted me about the fact that Darth Vader and Mufassa are the same person, we were inspired to come up with our own fun facts.

  • The Lion King is set in Africa.*
  • Simba, the star of The Lion King, is a lion. Continue reading