Fun Facts About The Lion King

A lion.

[Source. Licensed under CC 2.0.]

So I went and saw The Dark Knight Rises this last week. (Spoiler alert: it’s awesome. Additional spoiler alert: gun control laws in the US need to be stronger.) Since my friends and I got there before the film began, we were treated to the pre-previews, which at this particular theater took the form of “fun movie facts.”

These fun movie facts included things like, “In Bridesmaids, the bridal party goes to a Brazillian restaurant,” and, “Tom Cruise stars in Mission Impossible IV: This Franchise is Still a Thing.

Though factual, I think most people (other than the stoned intern who wrote these) would hesitate to call them “fun.” So, when a friend of mine texted me about the fact that Darth Vader and Mufassa are the same person, we were inspired to come up with our own fun facts.

  • The Lion King is set in Africa.*
  • Simba, the star of The Lion King, is a lion.
  • Lions are big cats.
  • The Lion King is animated. It doesn’t actually star talking animals.*
  • Animation is composed of many still images, played very quickly!

It’s cool, theater companies. These are on the house–but if you want more where these came from, you’ll have to pay us. We can’t come up with this much whimsy all of the time, friends. Gotta water the old brain garden, after all.

* Credit for these goes to my friend Avery, who is hysterical.

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