Doing things correctly


Image courtesy of Vegan Feast Catering. Licensed under CC BY 2.0.

There are some moments where, when you find yourself in the middle of them, you think: “I am doing things correctly.” Saturday night, as I sat down at a barstool with a gin and tonic in one hand and a Krispy Kreme donut in the other, I had one of those moments.

When folks talk about college as the best years of their lives, I am suspicious, because I don’t know about y’all but my college years never once paired glazed donut and gin, so,¬†point and match to adulthood.

The glazed donut and gin combo happened early in the evening of the end-of-season party for the theatre. The night continued to live up to its promise, because alcohol and dancing and people who have a vested professional interest in other humans paying attention to them for being funny is a recipe for a grand ol’ time,¬†particularly when the DJ is playing “Everybody” and folks are making a Really Concerted Effort to creep on the “am I sexual?” lyric. Continue reading

Still Can’t Rent a Car

Yesterday was my 21st birthday. Since I’m abroad, it was pretty anticlimactic. I still have some trouble believing that I can now legally go into a liquor store and purchase myself some of the finest premium sold-in-a-plastic-bottle booze that Georgia has to offer, but my license tells me that this is in fact the case.

Highlights of the evening included a gin fizz that was actually just a glass of gin, realizing that the US has exported unironic appreciation of “Sexy and I Know It,” and having my phone and passport photo copy stolen off me at the club. But other than that last one, it was a fun night! I had tiny cake, and you’d pretty much have to murder a kitten in front of me while I ate it for me not to enjoy tiny cake.

But, outside of tiny cake, I’ve been reading a lot of Yes and Yes over the weekend. One of my favorite things on her site is her recurring feature where, each birthday, she picks a list of things she wants to do over the next year. She picks as many things as she’s turned years. I like the idea, so I shamelessly stole it. Here are my 21 things to accomplish before I quit being 21.

21 Things To Do in the Upcoming Year

  1. Buy/make/have made a perfect navy blue blazer.
  2. Drink a sloe gin fizz in a speakeasy-style bar.
  3. Road trip to the Grand Canyon.
  4. Actually remove things I no longer need from my childhood room.
  5. Get a print magazine piece published. Continue reading