Doing things correctly


Image courtesy of Vegan Feast Catering. Licensed under CC BY 2.0.

There are some moments where, when you find yourself in the middle of them, you think: “I am doing things correctly.” Saturday night, as I sat down at a barstool with a gin and tonic in one hand and a Krispy Kreme donut in the other, I had one of those moments.

When folks talk about college as the best years of their lives, I am suspicious, because I don’t know about y’all but my college years never once paired glazed donut and gin, so, point and match to adulthood.

The glazed donut and gin combo happened early in the evening of the end-of-season party for the theatre. The night continued to live up to its promise, because alcohol and dancing and people who have a vested professional interest in other humans paying attention to them for being funny is a recipe for a grand ol’ time, particularly when the DJ is playing “Everybody” and folks are making a Really Concerted Effort to creep on the “am I sexual?” lyric. Continue reading

Still Can’t Rent a Car

Yesterday was my 21st birthday. Since I’m abroad, it was pretty anticlimactic. I still have some trouble believing that I can now legally go into a liquor store and purchase myself some of the finest premium sold-in-a-plastic-bottle booze that Georgia has to offer, but my license tells me that this is in fact the case.

Highlights of the evening included a gin fizz that was actually just a glass of gin, realizing that the US has exported unironic appreciation of “Sexy and I Know It,” and having my phone and passport photo copy stolen off me at the club. But other than that last one, it was a fun night! I had tiny cake, and you’d pretty much have to murder a kitten in front of me while I ate it for me not to enjoy tiny cake.

But, outside of tiny cake, I’ve been reading a lot of Yes and Yes over the weekend. One of my favorite things on her site is her recurring feature where, each birthday, she picks a list of things she wants to do over the next year. She picks as many things as she’s turned years. I like the idea, so I shamelessly stole it. Here are my 21 things to accomplish before I quit being 21.

21 Things To Do in the Upcoming Year

  1. Buy/make/have made a perfect navy blue blazer.
  2. Drink a sloe gin fizz in a speakeasy-style bar.
  3. Road trip to the Grand Canyon.
  4. Actually remove things I no longer need from my childhood room.
  5. Get a print magazine piece published. Continue reading