Y’all, yesterday was not a good day for reasons that a) you already saw on Facebook if you know me in real actual person life or b) will not hear about right now because I am maintaining an Air of Mystery.

Hahah, ugh, being kindly let down and still kind of disappointed? The worst! We’re trying round two today, so fingers crossed.

But I will not leave you hanging, readers. Instead, I’m going to tell the story of how I remembered why I cannot be in departments other than my own for more than like 20 minutes.

So I have a friend, who I originally met in freshman year swimming (while we treaded water, I recited French poetry to her and she repeated the seven signs of clinical depression back to me–this is probably why we were bad enough at swimming to need college swim lessons). She is also majoring in people with me, and–because she is a talented woman–has a second major in a different, sciencey department where they study brains.

In one of her classes this week, the professor brought up eugenics, aka how Nazis roll. On a serious note, eugenics in the US is deeply troubling because of our super racist history with forced sterilization. I think that everyone can agree that removing someone’s ability to have kids without them knowing and then lying about it? Rude behavior!

So imagine everyone’s delight when the future brain surgeons in the room apparently decided that eugenics is a-ok. Like, not even were couching it in terms of improved genetic testing, or working to remove genetic disorders from the population, but in just straight-up, forced-sterilization-is-cool language. Because sure it was bad in the past, but now it’s gonna be fine. We’re done with racism! These choices are totally fine, because we will be making them for other people, and we’re reasonable.

Just… ugh. Seriously, are not listening to the words coming out of your ignorant mouth? Do I have to print out Yo Is This Racist and hit you over the head with it, my fellow cohort members?

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go back to my department, where everyone makes stone tools and leaves everyone else the hell alone. (Unless they’re a gibbon, in which case… life is maybe a little not great for you, gibbon buddy.)

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