Thanksturkening is Ended

I told you I overdress.

As I said, slightly overdressed. And not smizing.

Thanksgiving is over and done with, huzzah! It is absolutely my favorite holiday (stuffing + sweet potatoes + getting slightly overdressed without traveling), but this one was a doozy. High points this year included the truly ridiculous cherry pie that we impulse-bought from Southern Sweets, which I swear to god weighted six pounds. Low points included the fact that my dad tried to get us to go to Cracker Barrel instead of cook, which… no. Plus two members of our four-person party were sick, one couldn’t eat, and things were generally Not As Usual.

Still, though: pie.

As I was noting with a friend a week or two ago, this has been a memoir year. It sucks while it’s happening, but you get the sense that in a few years you’ll be able to spin something out of it into your memoirs.

I know this will happen, because most of my favorite stories (the time I headbutted the piano, the time I got dumped via GChat and then had to go to a birthday dinner, the time I turned 20 on a roof with a giant inflatable nautilus and a bunch of people from the internet) actually involved me crying at some point during them, despite the objective hilarity of the proceedings in retrospect.

Nonetheless, awareness of that doesn’t make going through it any more fun. Tig Notaro makes a joke in her standup special (performed soon after she was diagnosed with cancer, her mother died, and she was broken up with) that comedy is tragedy plus time, but right now she’s still kind of stuck on the tragedy part of it. This year is a little bit like that.

That can’t stop me from planning ahead, though. Partly because if I don’t I’m going to graduate and be screwed, and partly because it is a fundamental part of my nature. This is why I don’t have any hobbies. I just have things that I enjoy doing, that I then turn into businesses so I can keep doing them. (On a related note, you can pay me to rewrite your resume!) When I run out of projects, I don’t have do something new–I just make more projects. It’s enjoyable.

I realize that that makes me sound like a robot. We’re working on it.

But things are looking up. I have two job interviews this week, for jobs that I would be absolutely ecstatic to be offered. I saw the new James Bond film, and my friend very patiently listened to me talk about how much I enjoyed the film’s commentary on the continuing usefulness of the spy film genre in spite of huge changes in the last 50 years of cinema and culture.

(You guys, I am so fun to see movies with, you have no idea.)

I swept the porch to my apartment, and that means that I can now sit outside and watch the sunset while I blog, which is lovely. Sitting still and looking at trees is perhaps the only one of my hobbies that I have not commercialized, and the porch facilitates that. (The rotting pumpkin my roommate left behind from Halloween, not so much. But I moved it to the corner.)

If nothing else, I have one more day of being able to sit on my porch and plan. Things could be worse.

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