The Best Terrible Thing

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Here’s a fun thought exercise: come up with the worst-possible English-language name for a chocolate-based baked good that you can. Are you thinking? Good.

Now, was what you came up with half as weird as Choco Paste? (Answer: probably, because the image was at the top of the post. Shh.)

Because that is a real thing that exists and can be purchased on every street corner in Senegal for $.30/150 CFA. And guys? It is so good.

I had avoided Choco Paste up until these last few weeks because, well, its name is kind of horrifying. But on a whim, I decided to explore all of the little 100-150 CFA candy bars the boutiques here have to offer. Choco Paste was among them.

Imagine my delight when it turned out that Choco Paste isn’t a paste at all! It’s actually basically a cosmic brownie (what up, Little Debbie) with some sort of vaguely carcinogenic “chocolate cream” at the top. I just choose to think of it as unbaked brownie dough.

My love for truly crappy baked goods knows no bounds regardless of the place that I’m living, so as far as I’m concerned Choco Paste is just the greatest thing going. There’s just so many questions! Why is it marketed as paste? Why is it marketed as paste in English? Is there some post-Soviet state where there are terrible commercials for this product? Inquiring minds want to know!

I mean, until they lose the ability to ask because of the brain damage from eating too much of the chocolate cream. I’m not totally sure that stuff’s legal in the EU.

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