Hipster Muumuu

Summer is a weird time for me, sartorially speaking. I live in Atlanta, the city so unbearably hot that it worked that into its nickname, but I am spending a lot of time in Emory’s incredibly-cold chemistry building. In addition, I spend two afternoons a week in lab, where legs and feet must be covered, and I walk a mile and change to school and back every day. In an attempt to simplify my life, I’ve come up with a summer uniform: a slightly-oversized cotton button-up shirt and denim leggings or a pencil skirt. I wear red flats with the skirt and chucks with the pants. Everything is in the same green-white-brown color scheme. It’s perfect. Here’s why:

Sweat stains – Even just walking across campus, I get disgustingly sweaty. There’s pretty much no getting around it. However, I would really not like to acquire the label of freaky chick with pit stains. Enter the button-up shirt. The fact that it is slightly-to-way-too-big means that it doesn’t gap at the chest and that it doesn’t stick to my skin–this allows me to avoid showing sweat stains (as do the patterns on the shirts). It also disguises the fact that I put on 15 pounds in college and haven’t bought new clothes. You can even belt it if you want to look like you’re trying. Hipster muumuu!

Cost – An entire summer’s worth of shirts can be purchased at Goodwill for like $20. Hell, I even sewed one out of some green madras I bought, and that was only $14 with the fabric and the buttons. Add to that two pairs of pants and a skirt, which you either already own or can get for under $50 if you don’t already own them, and you’re good. Cheap is good.

No blisters – Do you want blisters? No? Well, you’re going to get them if you try walking very far in summer sandals. I know–I tried.

Versitile – Wear the hipster muumuu around the house sans belt and you’re comfortable. Slap a belt around the shirt and you’re ready for a house party. Remove the belt and you can do chemistry homework alone, while sobbing! Stick a cardigan on top with the shirt and roll the cuffs up together and you’re ready for a house party with AC and limited dancing! Stick on a denim pencil skirt under the belted shirt and you’re set for that date with that guy from OKCupid who you hope doesn’t cut you up and stick you in his freezer!* The possibilities are endless.

So, suck it, summer shorts and tank tops. Your jersey knit ways are no match for the power of the hipster muumuu.

* Seriously, if I quit tweeting after tonight, call the cops.

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