That Girl Who Talks About Vaginas A Lot

Someone please explain to me why I cannot get this song out of my head. I think it has something to do with Matthew Morrison’s dancing. Because, mm.

This is one of those weeks where I step out of my room for lunch and then suddenly I look up and, oh wait, it’s 10pm and I haven’t been back and I have to do homework and look my RA bulletin board is due in an hour.* It’s a great week–I’ve organized two programs and the Vagina Monologues production that I’m directing  is this Thursday and Friday and then it’s my birthday and then it’s SXSWi–but it’s also kind of maybe a little insane. I used to think freshman year that I knew what busy was. I did not. I know I did not, because freshman year I had friends I saw outside of Lil’s and went to bed at 11pm. Good memories.

However, freshman year I did not get to make these sorts of things:

Vagina Week Poster

Yes. Yes it is a Georgia O'Keefe painting.

Faith and Fondue ad.

Impact: for when you're lazy.

Facebook and grief ad.

I get to write another term paper on the internet. They haven't caught on yet!

Let's Talk About Sex ad.

This program had tiny packets of lube and colorful condoms. It was hosted by Pride and the hippy social club. Background courtesy of xkcd.

Clearly I need to ad some reference to my mad crazy “designing things in Pages” skills to my resume, because I have spent an obscene amount of time doing that lately.

But, the weekend is nearly here! And then I have my trip. Upcoming scholarly good times include that term paper, a powerpoint presentation on the anthropology of Aristotle, a presentation to the board of councilors about technology in the classroom, and presenting my paper on two-spirit people at the women’s studies symposium. Aaaaaand go.

Until then, I’ll just continue being that girl who talks about vaginas kind of a lot on the school LearnLink conferences. Because I am Emory. Word!

*The board is on female inventors. Women’s history month represent!

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