Down at the Write Club

The Write Club state.

The Write Club stage.

There is almost nothing that I love quite like the weirdness of mid-sized professional theaters. This has a lot to do with childhood nostalgia–I attended theater camp from ages 10-15, and worked at one for a few years after that. Professional theater folks are weird and funny and a little bit too edgy for high schoolers (thus causing high school me to¬†adore them), and I think that being allowed to work with and for them as a younger teen made me a lot of who I am now.

So it was with great delight that I continued the summer of Cool Atlanta Things by spending last night at Write Club Atlanta, hosted by PushPush Theater. Write Club is modeled on Fight Club, and began with a rousing round of:

“What’s the first rule of Write Club?”
“You must tell five to seven people about Write Club!”

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