I’m in the Target catalog!

I’m in this year’s Target back-to-school catalog (as is my friend/coblogger Laura). I’m on the back, next to the legitimately kinda funny copy, “Keep your friends closer. Keep your family closer… ish.” (It’s advertising cell phones with which one can presumably screen one’s calls.) My head is right above the cell phone which I actually use and heartily recommend, if you’re going to be on Virgin Mobile. An editor at Target contacted me and Laura about the gig several months ago, so it’s awesome to finally see it in print.

Multiple people have been very sweet and posted copies of this on Facebook, which is very nice of them and makes me realize that folks actually read some of the stuff I put out, so that’s pretty neat! I managed to totally freak out my lab partner by stealing her copy of the catalog, since she didn’t know that my last name is what it is.

In other me-related news, I changed the background for my writing portfolio, which makes me feel pretty silly (it is a very large picture of my face), but whatever. Many thanks to Alesha, who took the photo in exchange for a bike/helped me set off fireworks in a pool last weekend.