Week of Suck

Y’all, it has not been a good week for me. In fact, it has not really been a good week for anyone I know. In order to keep ourselves from just laying down in dispair, my roommates and I have started a Week of Suck competition. Here are the options:

Me: On Wednesday, walked to the local taco place because they were having a fundraising night for my sister’s crew team. They screwed up my taco order with chicken instead of tofu, and then wouldn’t donate the proceeds from my order anyway. Then attempted to walk to a stand-up comedian, but gave up after the roommate I was going with didn’t get in touch because her phone had died and my taco was dripping on me. Went to volunteer at the women’s health clinic today, and managed to lose my keys in the rain for a panic-stricken twenty minutes because apparently God is mad at me. Told the volunteer coordinator I had rushed a sorority; she responded with, “Oh, you kidder!” I was not kidding.

G: In doing a project in iMovie for work, has managed to prompt the phrase “Wow, I’ve never seen that error message before!” not once, but twice. As a result, was forced to sit at a single computer and redo her project twice. Was going to go to a carnival today, after finally slogging through the iMovie project from hell, but was unable to because all of the rides were rendered unusable by the very rain that I was searching for my car keys in.

A: Computer hard drive failed earlier in the week, taking with it her project on urban poverty and a paper on Locke (about whom she has written roughly this same essay for three different classes). Came to the computer lab the next day in order to work on the paper. Apparently managed to render it read-only, meaning that when she sent her (now late) paper to her professor, it was only half a page long. He informed her of this. The paper was unrecoverable. Wrote the paper a third time. Sent it, and a receipt for her broken computer, to her professor. Was told by her professor that he could not use a PDF receipt and was asked if she could reformat it. Still does not have a computer.

B: Earlier this week, while working as a clinic aid, was shat on. Then, after depositing money in her account today, went grocery shopping for the first time in several weeks. At this point, she discovered that she had lost her debit card. Had to put everything back.

B wins, with A in second place. But seriously, world? Boo.

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