What I Found Today (2/11/11)

DIY Twix Bars: There is nothing about these that I do not want. Just go look at the candy pictures. GO LOOK. I cannot wait until I have my own kitchen.

4-Hour Dentist: Found via kungfugrippe. For those who don’t know, this is a parody of the 4-Hour Workweek, which is a book that I am supposed to like as a life hacky person but do not in part because the author creeps me out (his second book has a section on 15-minute orgasms, which just makes me sad). 4-Hour Workweek talks about how Ferriss moved to spending much less time on his work by outsourcing things to India and being good at marketing. I’m “eh” on the book but all for parodies.

The Antichoice Suffering Agenda: Posted up on Yes Means Yes, my favorite blog about consent issues and the law (yes I read more than one shush), this is a great outline of what is wrong with the Protect Life Act as it currently stands. Basically, not only are individual practitioners now allowed to refuse to perform abortion services and then refer the patient to another doctor in the hospital, but entire hospitals are allowed to refuse. This is the case even for ectopic pregnancies, in which the best case scenario is that the fetus is aborted–the choice is between that and death of the woman and the fetus. American health care policy: it matters!

How Did Dinosaurs Do It?: Apparently scientists aren’t entirely sure, and it’s a valid field of inquiry (12-year-old me is pleased). Totally worth a read to see the various convoluted ways in which dinos may have gotten it on.

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