What I Found Today (2/9/11)

How Sarah Palin Tortures the Bible: A takedown of Palin’s use of scripture, using more scripture in that magic little thing called “context,” written by Chris Lehmann, the Awl’s religion columnist. The link was found via Ana Marie Cox‘s Twitter feed. She’s also a journalist, and founded The Wonkette, my favorite political site for its focus on politics through a lens of “gin and anal sex.”

Culture in the US vs. Europe: Found via Zadi Diaz’s Twitter stream. A discussion among several women (and the male moderator) about what it means to live in a country where culture is judged by its success at being exported. Also brought up is an interesting discussion about what it means to contain a multitude of cultures–to be Hispanic, East-cost-to-West-coast, southern, in addition to being American. I really liked the discussion of what it means to have a global Internet culture–on some level, what matters is that you’re from the web. Zadi hosts the truly excellent EpicFu video podcast, which is targeted towards teens/young adults and is sort of Rocketboom for teh youths.

Red Panda Video: It’s a group of red pandas, trying to undo a door knob. My ovaries grew three sizes, y’all.

A Vest Pocket Guide to Brothels in 19th-Century New York for a Gentleman on the Go: Found in some archive somewhere, and stuck up by the NYT. It is truly funny, and the commentary by the person who assembled it is just excellent. Worth a read next time one of your professors decides to claim that we are culturally dead because of our obsession with sex/worthless internet media (not that this has ever happened in my classes, golly).

Woodruff Library Undergraduate Research Competition: A totally cool example of what libraries can do well! Undergrads at Emory College can receive $500 for submitting the winning research paper/project. Unfortunately, it does not appear to be open to Oxford College students, which makes me sad because we have no similar contest and our library, though it is staffed by some excellent people, is tiny. All of my sources for my projects come from Woodruff…

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