Keep Your Body From Falling Apart During Finals

Finals are approaching, and for many students that means hours of studying supported only by coffee and occasional sugar-filled study breaks. Not surprisingly, this wrecks your health, lowers your concentration, and makes you a dead person by the end of finals. Laura’s already done a great job covering environmental hacks for finals–now we’re focusing on how to keep your body from falling apart during study time. Here are a few ways to avoid that inevitable crash-and-burn cycle so you can finish up testing and head home for important winter break activities, like chugging egg nog until your arteries cry.

Get a flu shot – As soon as you can (preferably before you start taking your exams), get a flu shot if you haven’t already. Your student health center probably provides them for free or cheap. You may normally have the immune system of a horse, but long periods of study punctuated by lack of sleep and bad food can reduce your immunity–and you don’t want to be vomiting any more than you have to on your Computer Science final.

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