People Can Be Horrible (Also: Arrowheads!)

First off, new post at OpenStudy. Ten points to online learning!

Secondly: I spent most of this weekend at the Safe Society Zone‘s Sexual Assault in Our Schools conference. It was at times inspiring, at times depressing, and consistently heartbreaking because it is so, so infuriating that people think that it is okay to ever do that to anyone. And not even like it’s a small group of people–1 in 4 women will be sexually assaulted. (Even better, 1 in 4 women in the military will be assaulted while they are in the military. And 96% of those assaults are committed by people who wear the same uniform.)

I know people who have been assaulted. They are the most amazing, most wonderful people and it makes me want to cut the asshole who did that to them because they do not have the right. It takes something that can be so, so good and it turns it awful and it hurts people and it fucks them up and they did nothing to deserve it.

So, those people can go to hell.

But it wasn’t all horrendously depressing. I learned about concrete actions I can take to help fix that. (Look out for changes in Oxford’s amnesty policy to accommodate sexual assault and an attempt to get No Zebras, No Excuses screened at frosh orientation next year.) I met the people at Central Michigan University, who have the most amazing peer advocate program. There are men and they are allies; there are women and they are strong. The entire program is well-run and victim-sensitive and just so very, very good. That doesn’t change the fact that I wish it didn’t have to exist.

Other than that, it’s been an intense week. I’m excited for October to be drawing to a close because I have been so goddamn busy. I’m probably going to spend Halloween watching MSt3K and passed out. Fuck yeah, college.

My Bio Anthro pals and I are probably going to start flintknapping, because we’re weird as shit and want to make handaxes out of rocks. That is how we roll, biznitches. (No, seriously, did you know there’s an entire subculture of people who make arrowheads on the internet? They have communities.) More seriously, I reconsidered my schedule, and fingers crossed and God willing, I’m coming out of Emory with a BS in Anthro and a BA in Soc and a solid chance at grad school as a sciences librarian. We’ll see.

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