Riot Grrls Rise Up (Also, Vervets)

So, in case you were wondering what I’ve been up to, it involves vervet skulls. (Yes, I do spend an inordinate amount of time in the skull lab. To the point that the work-study student there is sad when I do not visit. You too can hook up with a Huffington Post-published blogger/librarian/skull enthusiast! Fellas.)

Other than that, I’ve been in that weird state where I know I’m ungodly busy (I’m taking 5 classes, sitting in on another, TA-ing, and writing for HackCollege, a college profile book, and OpenStudy. Hahah, I make terrible life decisions.) but it doesn’t feel that way. Either this is what time budgeting feels like or I’m precariously juggling all my responsibilities right now and at any moment I’m going to go teetering off the precipice into despair and scholarship loss. Tune in to find out!

Other than that, I’ve mostly been musing about why I am so bothered about college blogs targeted at women. (I also have not been studying for Social Problems. Correlation?) I think what it is about it is that there is ample space for publications both print and intertubular to address 18-23-year-old women, but they so rarely are. Bust skews a little bit older (it assumes you’re out of school), and Jezebel isn’t focused on issues affecting women in college so much as in pop culture. My own beloved employer doesn’t address women’s issues because it’s not a focus of the blog, and the women’s college blogs that are out there are so completely derangedly unrelated to my experience as a woman in college.

I don’t want boy tips (I’m not 16). I don’t want dieting tips (I don’t diet and if I did I wouldn’t come to random 22-year-olds on the internet). I don’t just think about clothes and when I do I want to think about things that are ethical and environmentally sustainable, not from Forever 21. I want to know about the diversity of experiences on campuses accross the country. What’s it like doing college with kids? What does DADT mean for women my age in the armed forces? What is some interesting research being done that will affect me, and how can I get in on it? I don’t want another goddamn Seventeen clone because really that shit quit being useful when I was 12 and even if it still was the writing on the real site is better than on the clones.

I want a site that acknowledges birth control beyond the pill, girls who don’t hook up and girls who do, lesbians, queer kids, transwomen, tech geeks, and poetry nerds. I want something that tells me what’s going on in the world and how it affects me as a college student who happens to have two X chromosomes. Sometimes I want ideas on how to alter thrift store finds and how to make ethical clothing decisions. I want to know, to a limited extend, what cute trend piece I might like to try and how women on other campuses are doing it. I want to know how to mix a good G&T. I want to know how the hell I’m going to find employment when I graduate, or what different graduate programs are like, or what dorms at other campuses look like. I want to know about study abroad opportunities and experiences, and I want to know if me having a tattoo in Mali is going to be a problem in the spring. I want to know how to pay for school. I want to know what clubs are doing outside of my own orbit, and I want to know how I can get involved in changing the world. I want tips on how to deal with conflict in a relationship, when I have one, and how to decide if it’s worth keeping up. I want to know how to throw the best house party my friends have ever seen. I want to know what’s actually involved in getting a house, or setting up grown-up healthcare, or paying my taxes.

I don’t want tips on finding boys (the internet or coffee shops). I especially don’t want tips that rely on me being dumb or an asshole. I don’t want yet another article on how to get drunk without consuming calories because fuck it, that is not the point of being drunk. I don’t want workout tips because it’s not like I’m lacking in them; I’m just lazy. I don’t want a site that assumes that all I want is to be skinny, straight-haired, and heterosexually fuckable. I don’t want to be treated like I’m silly or my ideas don’t matter or that all I should care about is boys and shoes and being successful writing about these things. I don’t want “love advice from a dude” because Jesus, just having a penis doesn’t make you qualified to judge my situation right now. I don’t want to be treated like there aren’t issues–real issues–that affect me and not my male peers. I don’t want to be treated like women are only there to exist as rivals.

And I know that, right now, I don’t have time to change that. I don’t have a network of women with enough time to get something like that rolling. And it’s bumming me out, because at the end of the day all I know is that I do not want to read another article about how drinking is going to make me fat because honestly, it’s not the liquor, it’s the cheese grits and I do not care.

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