Android Users Gain Social Homepage, Study Distraction with *Spark

*Spark Screenshot

*Spark proves that a silly product name can still lead to massive success. A screenshot of the *Spark homepage.

If you have a smart phone running Android or Symbian, you may want to check out *Spark from HipLogic, which recently launched in beta. The app allows you to transform your phone’s launch screen into a one stop shop for your Twitter feed, Facebook, the weather report, and news headlines.

The aim of the app is to give Android and Symbian users a way to access all the constantly updated data that they’re interested in without having to go to separate apps for each individual service. It has the potential to make non-iPhone smart phones more attractive to potential users, and it plays on Android’s multitasking strengths in a way that lets the OS shine.

Read more at HackCollege.

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