Busy busy busy!


I learned at my first hall program that syrup comes in cans.

I started off the weekend with my first successful hall program, Banana Splits and Study Tips, so that was heartening. My residents were everything one could hope for–they showed up and ate and asked questions and were generally lovely.

On Sunday, I had an interview for an internship position at OpenStudy, a company that allow students to arrange for study groups with students from all over the world. I was pumped to even be considered for the paid internship position, so imagine my excitement when instead I was offered a job as their copy writer. So, starting sometime in the next few weeks, I’ll be blogging and writing company emails and things for the company.

As if that wasn’t excellent enough, I got back from Atlanta to an email from Shep at HackCollege asking about me schedule on October 10-12. It’s my fall break, so I was planning on going camping with my parents. However, Microsoft invited HackCollege to send one of our writers up for an Open House–expenses paid, because they are kind corporate overlords–so I’ll be in New York for that weekend instead.

The weekend after that, I’ll be attending the Sexual Assault in Our Schools conference that Emory is sending three students (me and two Atlanta campus women) to. I’m excited for the opportunity, though of course the subject matter is grim. I get to make a presentation in front of the sexual assault policy makers at the school after the conference, so I’m excited to have my ideas heard.

As of last week, I’m taking an additional class–Social Problems–taught by my Sociology 101 professor, Mike McQuaide. It focuses on sociological problems in the Atlanta metro area. We’ll be visiting Grady Hospital (the city’s main trauma hospital for gunshot wounds), an organic farm, a nursing home for dementia patients, and several other places in Atlanta during weekly meetings and an intensive week in Atlanta during winter break. At the end, I’ll be writing a paper on a social problem in Atlanta–currently, my ideas are focusing on something relating to MARTA and job access for low-income metro residents.

Oh, and my half birthday was Friday–I’m six months from exiting teenagerdom! Always an exciting thing to celebrate.

I am somewhat afraid that all my good fortune will come crashing down in a spectacular fashion, but then again I’m 19 and if it happens I’ll start over again. Such is the web 2.0 way!

My leg injury

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