We’ll See You On Weekends…

This month's bulletin board.

My bulletin board for September. Theme: iStudy.

Today at the all-staff meeting, we learned that our Assistant Director of Res Life is leaving for a position in the Office of Multicultural Affairs at our central campus. This means that as of now, we have literally no professional staff member (aside from the administrative assistant, who I’m fairly certain actually runs everything) that has been here longer than any of the RAs. The news did not go over well. One of the staff members was close to tears. Another asked, plaintively, “How long have you known?” That was taken up with gusto by the rest of the staff–we wanted to know how long we had been held out on.

He reassured us that he’d only known since last Friday, that telling us was painful. “I’ll still see you on weekends!” he said, like that would make us any less upset. It was like we’d just been informed that our parents were splitting up.

I wasn’t even that close to this staff member, and I was still mad when we were told. We’re a two-year school. This year we’ve gotten all new building managers, opened a new building, gotten a new director of Res (in the same “I’m leaving in a week, bye” manner as this was handled), and introduced yet another set of general educational requirements. In addition, the freshman class this year is almost twice the size of my class.

Two-year schools can be tumultuous; consistency is appreciated. We’ve gotten none this year, and even though we all know objectively that these people are adults and have lives and careers to think of, it feels more than ever like our lives are being turned upside down by something our parents have done. It’s annoying feeling this helpless about the direction the department is going–we signed up with a completely different professional staff than we got.

And it’s not like we don’t like the prostaff–for the most part, we do! But this isn’t the same school as it was last year.

On a happier note, I did this month’s bulletin board. Theme: iStudy. (Our building is Apple themed. I didn’t choose it.)

This month's bulletin board.

Allison photobombed the board.

This month's bulletin board.

The information side of the board.

This month's bulletin board.

Study tips on this month's board.

This month's bulletin board.

Our hall banner. Because we're awesome.

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